Latest Updates of Minerals Community of Pakistan

For The First Time Minerals Community of Pakistan is live Now .

Namak Mandi is a very old market more than 100 years old before there was a factor of salts than it changes to the market of Minerals & few shops of Tyre rubbers .Now this market is famous all around the world because of the Gems & Minerals & also famous for the foods on next street there is food street as well as dried fruit but this mineral community is very friendly & very helpful.

 when i enter to the Gem Street i saw a horse loader so i was trying to take photo of him so he get very excited & start Dancing for it hahaha ..

Saturday, August, 4:00 Pm

 A very Nice Guys .


 Azghar Gems Market. A market is full of Minerals Dealers & Always busy ..


 A sweet lady. She always dress like a gents & her funny pose for a picture lol ..


 a very friendly guys .


a deal of minerals is going on inside the shop .


 A Gem Cutter is busy in Cutting Gems with a smiling face .


 Some Mineral deal was discussing inside .


 Dealer is busy with his client .


 Some very important discussion was going on in Zakir Khan’s office with APCEA Chairman about minerals related issue’s.


 They are always in The Mood.

 A Mamor Gems Market .


  Nice .


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Caption by me two days agao

Brucite is a Recent Find From Saif Ali kila Baluchistan Pakistan ,, It produces Lemon yellow & Deep Yellow on Western Market Deep Yellow have a strong demand …

Formula : Mg(OH)2

Hardness: 2½ – 3

My Question is How to Clean it ? Let me know your ideas Thank you